Saturday, October 01, 2005

State 29 to Cityview

Finally getting around to reading the September 22 Cityview, I am sorry I didn't get to it sooner. The weekly includes a reprint from the Columbia Journalism Review of an essay by Des Moines resident Ralph Gross. State 29 had a post on this one a few weeks ago, but it is good to see this news get out beyond journalism types and the blogoshpere.

Mr. Gross dishes on his personal experience as a member of the DMR's Reader Advisory Board. It's good stuff, and further confirms that the DMR oozes insincerity. It's one thing if a group of elites is honest about the fact that they practice some form of institutional arrogance; it is all together another thing when an organization pretends to be part of the rabble, when they are, in habit and form, just as arrogant as some of the elites they purport to cover.

One caveat, Cityview is reportedly owned, in part, by newspaperman and perpetual State Board of Something Chair, Michael Gartner. It makes one wonder if the State 29 post off a reader's tip and the reprint in the Des Moines Cityview isn’t the beginning of a little press dustup.

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