Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Mike Blouin Tour

Blouin’s the it candidate, at least for today. In a statewide tour to announce the obvious: I’m Mike Blouin, I’m Tom Vilsack’s anointed choice for the Democratic nomination, and yeah I’m Republican Lite, but if you love Iowa you’ll vote for me.

Charlotte Eby’s Blouin round up from the Quad City Times

Democrat Mike Blouin formally kicked off his campaign for governor today, saying he’d like to build on the successes of current Gov. Tom Vilsack, a Democrat who will bow out when his second term ends in 2007. …

“If you like Iowa, I would hope you would vote for Mike Blouin,” he said. “And I have no problem with those who like Tom Vilsack voting for Mike Blouin.”

... “Iowans want a governor who understands their values and will protect and defend the state in critical areas like natural resources, social services and the lives of all of our children,” he said. …

“Our kids need the right to hit the starting gate at the same time. They need the right to an absolute high-quality education that gives them the chance at the Iowa dream,” Blouin said.

My pro-life (anti-choice) views hard to swallow?

Blouin, a pro-life Catholic, differs from a large share of his party on the issue of abortion rights. He urged voters to look at the whole picture when weighing his beliefs on the issue.

“My position is not intended to polarize. It’s intended to help us understand that life is a long time, and that we’ve got to care about people at all phases of life,” he said.

When asked whether he would sign into law new abortion restrictions, Blouin said he is “not inclined to promote changes that are just going to be court tests.”

I want to concentrate on doing the things that will make life better, that will reduce the need for abortion, that will create opportunities across this state for people of all backgrounds,” he said.

What? You don’t love our corporate welfare economics? But they’re for all of us, together, as a team.

“If Iowa is going to thrive in this new economy, we must have a governor who knows how to get things done by bringing people together, offering a vision, and diligently going about our work in a way that offers meaningful hope,” Blouin said.

He said he’ll look to build on the economic strengths of the state “while leaving no county or town or Iowan behind.”


However, if you listen to old Ed, you get a completely different story. As reported in the Sioux City Journal

Des Moines Democrat Fallon contended, "big money is the big problem." In his Scary Money Tour in 30 towns over six days preceding Halloween, Fallon said he will discuss the "pretty scary stuff going on in politics right now, relating to the influence of money in campaigns. Campaigns have become incredibly expensive and are more and more financed through corporations and their PACs (political action committees), their lobbyists and the CEOs."

Many of the campaign contributions go to key legislative leaders, who help target policies, Fallon said, and can provide "political payback" for the contributions. That goes for leaders of both Republican and Democratic parties, he said --"I'm an equal opportunity critic."

Fallon threw barbs at Wells Fargo, Wells Dairy, Select Farms and MidAmerican Energy for making relatively small campaign contributions in the tens of thousands of dollars that paid off handsomely -- the companies received millions of state dollars in economic development awards or favorable tax cuts. For example, Wells Dairy owners recently gave $13,000 to each of the parties, he said, indicating, "they know how to play the game, how to put money into campaigns."

According to Ed, the Vilsack/Blouin economic pork keeps walking out the door to the connected.

The last time I checked, a majority of the Iowa “team” hasn’t bothered to plunk down any cash for a statehouse lobbyist or make a big dollar political donation, but the “team” still pays those ever expanding sales, income and property taxes.

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