Friday, October 21, 2005

The Miers Circus

How could G.W. Bush get it so right with Chief Justice John Roberts and so absolutely wrong with Ms. Harriet Miers?

John Fund, in today's WSJ Opinion Journal, goes digging in Texas and finds a little tire flap mud on Harriet Miers's tenure as the head of the Texas Lottery. If, more like when, this story is told during Miers's confirmation hearings, there is going to be egg everywhere.

If Democrats seek to subpoena Mr. Littwin, they will put Republicans in a fix. GOP senators can use their committee majority to block any subpoena but would come under withering fire over accusations they were aiding a coverup of Ms. Miers's days at the Lottery Commission. If Republicans go along with a subpoena, the hearings become a circus.
A circus, indeed, but the Miers nomination has been a circus from the start.

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