Friday, October 28, 2005

Lamberti v. Boswell; it might be interesting

Midwest Mesopotamia (MM from now on, thank you) confirms, through the US House of Representatives Clerks website, Cityview CS's observation that Congressman Leonard Boswell is still not well. No official word from Boswell, just a bunch of missed votes.

We'll have indirect confirmation on Boswell's health with the next round of FEC reports. It's widely known that the Lamberti campaign is pulling in some big fundraising numbers, both in Iowa and out in DC. That should make the Democrats a little nervous about propping a weak candidate in next year’s election.

How will that play out? It's a big guess. I am sure the Democrats are working over time to get Boswell to retire back to the farm or Florida, whatever, but they're meeting some resistance. And, given the fact that Boswell was working the parade routes this summer, it’s doubtful he's even considering packing up and leaving his Longworth office…at least not yet.

The one glaring concern for Boswell is the lack of updates on his campaign website; they're still back in 04. While Lamberti is ramping up with a sharp looking congressional campaign website. Of course, Lamberti’s is the happy-friendly, ‘get to know me’ sort of informational website, but it looks good. Well, except for that first head shot, his head comes out of the frame and looks to be floating, and floating heads are generally not a good thing.

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