Saturday, October 01, 2005

Information Update

I have noticed people are checking out the profile link. I assume it’s to get a better sense of the background and credentials of the writer(s). So, here’s the short version: I am a former DC political hack with too much education, a horrific amount of volunteer work that isn’t worth jack and a strong sense that one parent should stop out of the paid workforce to (gasp) nurture those babies.

Big Hint: The idea that some 19 year old tending to five other infants is going to give a hoot about your kid is delusional.

Our kids are all in school and I am attempting to wiggle my way back into the workforce, and it’s turning out to be a challenge. Iowa is a funny place; the state wants warm bodies, just so long as the warm bodies that show up happily fit the predetermined set of opportunities.

I am to play a small part as a fawning adjunct to my spouse’s professional identity, and love it. However, playing a bit part in the chorus of pliant rabble isn’t on my “to do” list.

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