Thursday, October 06, 2005

Blouin around the Statehouse

The Senate and the House are Blouin in the same direction. According to the Gazette Online, 32 House Democrats endorsed almost gubernatorial candidate Mike Blouin today.

Do you think Tom Vilsack might be passing around session IOU chits in exchange for a Blouin endorsement? Nah, that sounds like old style politicking and that never happens in foursquare Iowa.

… Blouin announced today he has landed the endorsements of 32 Iowa House Democrats. That support comes on the heels of 18 Iowa Senate Democrats backing his 2006 gubernatorial bid two weeks ago. ...

It’s probably that the 32 Democrats think Mike Blouin is a peach, but you have to wonder if the inside game on the Democratic side is to avoid a convention nomination…at all costs. I just hate to think about how much all those chits are going to bog down budget negotiations next April…May…June.

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