Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Wilma, the 21st named storm of the season, is moving along and will wash out the beaches in the Yucatan and Cuba tomorrow and Friday. Then make a slick right turn and plow head long into the Sanibel-Captiva, Fort Myers, Estero, Bonita, Naples, Marco Island stretch of money-ed up Florida shoreline.

Last year's Hurricane Charley cut Captiva in half and took out most of Sanibel-Captiva's trees over fifteen feet. As of last spring, the white FEMA trailers set up for the families from Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte, were still occupied, and on Pine Island blue tarps were everywhere six months post Charley.

Coastal Southwest Florida is not back from last year, and with Wilma cranking it, we're about to go into round two. A good place for updates - the Fort Myers News Press

The only good thing is that Southwest Florida is blessed with functioning government; from Governor Jeb Bush on down to the regional and local pols they have demonstrated competence in handling hurricanes. And why is it that Southwest Florida government(s) function? A significant percentage of the Southwest coast of Florida is inhabited by former Midwesterners -- (Psst, important people, that’s where they’re all hiding out.) -- and you know Midwesterners are all about their good government.

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