Wednesday, September 14, 2005

A wish list

I think if I could have a wish list it would look like this;

1) I wish I could know how decisions I make, and have made, over this lifetime will affect the soup. Sure, that’s what my gut's for, if only I would listen to it more often.

2) I wish that "quirky" didn’t have to wait for a majority of the Boomers to hit their mid-fifties before it finds traction as a culturally acceptable way of being.

3) I wish my life's dream revolved around owning a day care. Don't ask.

That's it, simple, but I think it would a thousand tons... if we all got a few wishes now & again.

(To folks looking for clarification on the term 'break' and posting to a blog, I suppose this isn't much help. Sorry.)

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