Thursday, September 08, 2005

What to blog...

We could write about the potential for Iowa to get some of the more seasoned evacuees.

There's talk about using the soon to be vacated Veterans Administration complex in Knoxville to house some of Katrina's victims. Of course, these aren't the young family types Vilsack seems to think we're going to get, but the old and infirm that probably won't have much say about where they go. It's a good strategy on the part of the Feds, particularly if they can get local health care types to absorb some of the care at Iowa's Medicare reimbursement rates, the lowest in the US, as opposed to Louisiana’s Medicare rates, among the highest in the US.

We could write about the ridiculous editorial in the DMR on the need to spend more resources on the poor. In a vague Pollyannaish sort of way, it’s an admirable idea.

... Katrina can be a turning point for this country. ... It also could help create a culture that takes care of its people, and not just during the aftermath of a natural disaster.

Unfortunately, we know of too many charitable organizations where significant Federal dollars are going into administrative costs. In one example we know first hand, over 80% of the budget is dedicated to administration costs as opposed to direct services. We would like nothing more than to publish their last budget submitted to the Feds. However, after commenting about it to people involved in the organization, we were threatened with legal action by the executive director and lawyer and given the instructions not to talk about it to “outsiders”.

We could blog about the 8.8 million dollars being spent on lobbying the executive branch, and this number is much larger if you include the money spent lobbying the legislative branch.

What do Iowans get for that money? Think - race track subsidies, million dollar corporate payola, huge lump sums to nonprofits for ill-defined projects, the Pierre Pierce/Alfredo Parish legal defense fund, etc.

But we just don't want to do it.

We’re cynical, so we’re allowed to be discouraged on some days. Who wouldn’t be?

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