Thursday, September 01, 2005

NOLA's Sanctum's Porch

Our first post on Katrina listed a couple of NOLA blogs. I left comments on their pages and once again, someone's written back. Sanctum's Porch dropped this note:

Thanks for stopping by the porch, I know it was hard with all the water, looters, and power lines. But things are starting to look up, at least in my part of the NOLA woods. There is a whole slew of NOLA blogs at

I recommend you check it out

Hope to see you soon on the porch.

On my virtual porch here in New Orleans at:

FYI: We did ask both Unapologetic and Sanctum’s Porch if we could post their emails and both graciously said yes. We think that says something about that wonderful New Orleans hospitality; and no matter what happens, it’ll always be a big part of the city.

Editorial note: we don't want to attempt humor, all we'll say is -- ironic, but I suppose four plus days without food or water can make any soul fall apart.

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