Friday, September 09, 2005

King: "It went in on the wind and blew out..."

In Katrina news, Congressman Steve King (IA5) makes some enlightening comments about his ‘no’ vote on the $52 billion aid package sailing through Congress… The text is from Radio Iowa.

Congressman Steve King, a Republican from western Iowa, voted against the nearly $52 billion disaster aid package that cleared Congress Thursday. During remarks Thursday night on the House floor to explain his vote, King said he was a victim of the floods of 1993. King said his business "barely" survived the flood. "I'm not a person without compassion," King said. "I'm also a person not without fiscal responsibility." King called the disaster response budget he's been shown "irrational." King said federal emergency officials are asking Congress to "trust" them. He's particularly critical of FEMA's decision to buy more thousands of trailer homes for hurricane victims, as King says trailers are probably not appropriate shelter in a hurricane zone. "That's imprudent, early spending of money," King said. …

… King compared the hurricane to a military assault. "It went in on the wind and blew out the electricity and the communications...and then it cut off the transportation avenues in and out of the city by taking out the bridges, and then once it isolated the city then it attacked...the flood that went in and did such devastating damage," King said. You can hear all of King's comments on the House floor on our website --

This man seriously thinks he should be the Republican nominee for the US Senate race in 2008. OMG.

On second thought, everyone likes Harkin’s cash cow seniority and this might be the fastest way to sink an extraordinarily wiggy pol’s career, so, okay, we’re in -- King for Senate. (I'll order up my blog banner ASAP)

Besides, there are a number of political slicksters out in Iowa 5 that want a shot at King’s seat. So, they encourage the delusional King to put together a “winning” primary race knowing Harkin, the other delusional & wiggy Iowa pol, will crush him in November. Seriously, if the choice is between two political nut cases, Iowans are practical people and we’ll pick the one that can deliver the pork.

And what do the boyz care if they jettison any real shot to take out Harkin in 08; they have their own political careers to consider. So, don’t discount the fact that some of these IA5 wannabes are already thinking out to 2014 and a Harkin retirement. It is much easier to run for an open seat than to take out an incumbent.

For now, bring it on -- Iowa's two nuttiest pols in one Senate race. Oh, what fun for the snarky types workin' it in 08.

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