Thursday, September 29, 2005

Kick it one more time, it might not be dead

The Dems just don’t know when to stop kicking a dead dog. Yesterday, the flacks over at the Democratic State Party and the Blouin campaign piled on the rhetoric in a weak attempt to tie Jim Nussle to the Tom DeLay scandal.

From the Iowa Democratic Party

… “In light of Tom DeLay’s criminal indictment today, we call on Congressman Nussle to return campaign funds from DeLay’s PAC. Congressman Nussle has done nothing to sever his ties from the Republican culture of corruption in Washington,” said Iowa Democratic Party Executive Director Mike Milligan. “Iowans deserve a representative in Washington who isn’t associated with DeLay’s ethical and criminal violations.”…

As quoted in a Quad City Times story...

… In a statement, Blouin attempted to link Nussle, the chairman of the House Budget Committee, to a part of DeLay’s leadership team that, Blouin said, has led to a succession of deficits and doubling of the national debt.

“Much of Congressmen DeLay and Nussle’s money has come from those who have benefited from this team’s spending habits,” Blouin added. “Now, with Congressman’s DeLay’s indictment for criminal conspiracy, it is time to draw the line and keep Iowa free of this behavior and these dollars. I call on Congressman Nussle today to do the right thing for 3 million Iowans. Give the money back — all of it —now.”

In Blouin’s case, does that mean he intends to return all the campaign donations he has been collecting off the back of the taxpayer financed Iowa Values payola fund?

DeLay is gone. He doesn’t matter anymore. This is all about getting one more shot in before the DeLay as evil monster issue dies out with DeLay’s political career. This is a guilt-by-association tactic the Dems seem to want to roll out every couple of months. It’s not going to work; Tom DeLay and Jim Nussle are very different people and there is no indication that they have ever been close associates. Although, it might be helpful if the Nussle campaign came up with better spin about the DeLay campaign funds then “We’re following the law”.

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