Thursday, September 01, 2005

Katrina: blog for relief

Katrina will rank among the top twenty, very possibly the top ten, disasters the U.S. will ever experience. That's probably optimistic, given unsecured nuclear material, religious wars and looming flu pandemics, but as of today, it ranks way up there and will stay near the top of the list for the immediate future. We're not going to forget Katrina anytime soon.

That said, the blogosphere's top of the food chain types came up with the idea to put together a single day where as many blogs as possible help raise awareness and cash for the Katrina rescue and relief efforts. That day is today.

We're supposed to tell you to check out Instapundit and then surf over to technorati and while you're at it whip out that credit card and get ready to bleed some cash into any number of different charities working to help Katrina survivors. We’re partial to Northwest Medical Teams (96% of funds go into direct services as opposed to salaries and paper clips) and their work bringing emergency health care into disaster areas, but whatever charity works for you works for us.

Thanks for reading this post.

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