Thursday, September 29, 2005

Harkin, "I just said no"

I am wrong. Harkin votes "no" on Judge Roberts' confirmation as Chief Justice to SCOTUS. Harkin comments from today's DMR:

... Harkin, a Democrat, praised Roberts' knowledge of the Constitution and the law, and said he proved to be a "thoughtful, decent, modest person," during a one-hour meeting they had in Harkin's office.

But, Harkin said, in the end he could not be sure that Roberts would protect the civil rights of the powerless in society and the rights of Americans with disabilities. ...

Not really news, just interesting that the left seems very nervous about the Court, and not about to let any of their usual suspects off the hook -- even if it means trouble in a reelection campaign only a few years down the road. Does it suggest Party Liberals resignation to their status as a minority in Congress?

Then again, the most likely GOP candidate, Steve King, is proving his deft skills in political PR. Hello, you could have mentioned Reagan, Witness, or some other more clued in reference to that time and place.

To sum up the “no” vote, Gordon Fischer, as quoted in the NYT on September 22 and republished in the Iowa Ear section of the DMR, makes this insightful comment about running for President as a Democrat.

"For a lot of activists, particularly women, particularly young women, the choice issue is of great importance."
Gee, I wonder if this same logic extends to the Iowa gubernatorial primary and the very Catholic and pro-life Mike Blouin? Nah, they'll just ram the Republican lite argument down the throat of every Democratic activist willing to swallow hard. Nevertheless, you guys should know better, many voters prefer to spit.

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