Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A half-ton hemi

Did I say that I intended to write more personal observations...?

Okay, so my S.O. decides to buy a truck. That's fine. Trucks are useful, and in Iowa you get the added benefit of a "discounted" registration fee, all the better. And, in the modern era of truck manufacturing, they're cushy -- leather, sound systems, a backseat that can actually fit kids. Not bad.

The problem starts in when the S.O. decides that saving a few thousand dollars on some e-bay deal is the way to go; of course, we could have saved more money, but those boyz are just all about collecting "their" tax revenue at some point in the sale. Anyway, today I pick up the truck...in Texas. Luckily, it's Dallas, which makes it that much closer to home and obviously not hurricane stressed.

I figure it'll take two days to drive back, I could do it in one day -- the truck's a half-ton hemi. But really, the fun is in having a drive with MY radio stations (I'm hoping I can pick up The Planet South of Wichita and it'll hold til Lamoni -- Damn, just looked up the link for this post and they are changing the format, but they are live streaming) and a little guilt free noodling in KC.


One whine. My kid & some friends (escorted by a purported adult) did the Green Day concert, good concert. Now I just want to pile on to the news coverage of the ticketing/herding mess going on -- it was a nightmare. The only way we got in on time is having our tickets at will call. If you can believe this, the will call line was shorter; we got the tickets and went right in, no second line. The concert was great and the outflow was not a problem. It's just gettin'em in the door.

I suppose they’ll get the kinks worked out by the time U2, in gracious acknowledgement of the large state appropriation to African Debt Relief, arrives in December of 08 to play.

One more whine. I know this sounds old fashioned, but can we really let the concert ticket line go the way of the dinosaur in favor of the midnight computer screen hover. Community by way of the computer is sooo different from that in your face, check out that...than'g, what's up sort of event.


I leave for Texas with a good live stream for y’all and my 20-year-old BTC* Levi’s ..., which, of course, it'll be too hot to wear ‘til I get to Iowa.

* Before The Corruption

(I know, gas at what it is and the need for energy conservation -- a half-ton hemi? I didn't buy it; I'm just picking it up.)

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