Saturday, September 03, 2005

The Bernoulli Effect on common sense

Common sense from a police officer in Houston...

... We are going crazy at the Police Department. Every refugee that has been taken to the jail wants to fight with us. EVERYONE of them. IF you remember the Marial Boatlift, this is the Marial Buslift.

They should have had some simple plans in place. Now, I am just a product of the public school system, but at the very least:
#1) Mobilize the National Guard (Governer's job) and have them on standby farther north.
#2) Take military communication equipment with 60KW generators and place them on the upper floors of parking garages. When the storm passed, personnel could have been dropped off on the top floors and there could have been communication. (Governer's job)
#3) Move school busses/public transportation busses north (Mayor's job) to move south when the storm passed.
#4) Put your police department on 12 hour shifts (Like we do here, Like we are doing now) and on standby status (Although many of the police were the problem)
#5) State CLEARLY before the looting, that looters would be shot

as posted by The Bernoulli Effect.

Thanks for the link. Some things are utterly unpredictable and I'll excuse those. My beef is not handling the things you know are going to happen.
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