Friday, September 16, 2005

...And it's free!

When this project first ramped up in May we/I did not intend for this blog to do anything other than provide an outlet for my overactive brain and as an anecdote to a very frustrating personal experience. I often think about this project as a metaphorical throw myself against the wall ala Gilda’s Judy Miller – frenetic, imaginative, my own world sort of thing. (Watching old SNLs I was reminded how much I adore Gilda Radner, she was all inspired genius.)

However, this blog is starting to feel like an obligation, a no-pay obligation, and that creeps me out to no end. To think that I just experienced one terrible round of volunteer use & abuse, and the idea that I might be inadvertently creating another version of “I’m free, ___", is beyond discouraging. All I’ll say: I have no interest in that ever happening again.

Yeah, I have content/editorial control and readers. I know it could be an “entrepreneurial” opportunity with ads & sponsors, etc. C’mon, the potential blog readership in Iowa is what, in the thousands. And unless we can get our public radio to do Blogs-on-Tape (the assisted living crowd listening to State on the radio, it could happen) not many people will ever get this stuff.

Although, Peggy says it’s the “wild, wild west” in terms of the current devolution of modern journalism via the expansion of information avenues, networks and technology. And I have always been a fan of devolution – the real stuff, not this pseudo Republican crap they keep spooning out – but I just don’t know. The equation on this project cannot sum to less than zero.

Another issue is Iowa humor. I’m makin’ an educated guess that of the Iowan's that do laugh, only a small percentage are hip to oodles of sarcasm; most like their humor missionary style – much like the rest of their I (heart) Iowa lives…er…of course present readers excluded, I’m sure y’all like it five ways to Sunday.

The biggest thing is I can’t get another rejection letter that reads like “We never really considered you, in fact, we’re not sure anyone will, because, well, you’re free. We sort of feel sorry for you, but, gosh, good luck”. It is a nice letter, I suppose, and I am probably reading too much into it. I am certain this blog habit had nothing to do with the hiring decisions of one organization; rather it's the cumulative effect of all the missed opportunities that leads me to believe that givin' it away doesn't count on some big lifetime-opportunity score card.

Anyway, I’ll keep posting when inspired, but it'll be less political and more personal...

…Except if I think up things to say about stuff like the nutty Senate race in Cedar Rapids between Rob – I’m-a-subsidiary-of- the-Iowa-trial-lawyers –Hogg and Renee Schulte (Schulte? She has to have some connection to right winger Loras Schulte), or if good stuff is going on in some other blog, then I'll make some time to post.

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