Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Ambivalence. It's a good thing.

I scheduled a lunch with a friend; we ended up crossing wires, so we'll get together on some other day. We were supposed to meet at a location that I had spent considerable time at a few months ago, and after walking around a little, it all seemed very whatever. That’s a good thing.

They were busy in July, and they just keep workin' it...

An activist who seeks election reform in states across the nation says Iowa should join the ranks of states which allow citizens to register to vote on Election Day. ... the six states which allow folks to walk into their polling place and register to vote on Election Day had voter turn-out in the 2004 presidential election that was 14 percent higher than the rest of the country. "I think it's proof that if you make voting...easier ... (blah, blah, blah...Radio Iowa link)

The Count Every Vote Act, which might better be called the What's a Little Fraud Among Friends? Act … George Will, Newsweek 3-14-05

We need good government policy when it comes to voter enfranchisement. So, it’s the let anyone vote --we need you, dead or alive, -- on any day -- to participate in year round balloting, particularly citizens & friends with multiple personalities and voter id cards, -- using any method -- there is no need to live in any particular place -- in whatever election -- and we'll provide all expenses paid tours with stops in interesting locals, with marginal districts, -- so long as we have a liberal on the ballot -- to visit the notable public buildings featuring the latest voting technology -- and we can guarantee the vote -- always providing our tour participants with a meaningful private moment of reflection in our ballot processing area -- game. (Sing it out in two-part if you like)

And wait a minute, this sounds a little like vote collecting of the past and not so past. We're just going make it a little more customer friendly. Got it.

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