Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Applause goes out to the Mason City Globe Gazette for their editorial on the need to help folks suffering in the aftermath of Katrina. We’ve been posting the links to blogs written by people living in Katrina affected communities. Some of the bloggers are up and writing, while other bloggers haven't written post Katrina. It's expected, but worrisome and about all we can do, outside of sending prayers, is donate -- money, blood & our time.

We’ve left comments on the blogs that are linked, mostly to let the writers know people outside of the region are concerned and want to help. In the case of Unapologetic, we emailed and he wrote back. This is the email string...

Our prayers are with you and I wanted to let you know I have linked your blog for folks in Iowa to keep tabs on real people in N.O.


hi... that's fine with me, and thank you for letting me know. I think you're doing us a great service, though I can't articulate why - it's just good to know people are hearing some of the personal stories and not just the news...

Allen is our neighbor, we need to help. Red Cross & Others

(Okay, it just takes one, just one, natural disaster and we’re back to being softies. It sucks.)

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