Monday, August 01, 2005

T.M. baby

Film director, David Lynch, talks with the DMR about touring to promote T.M. with this wisdom...
Lynch, who directed such films as "Mulholland Drive," "Elephant Man," "Blue Velvet" and "Wild At Heart," as well as the television program "Twin Peaks," plans a national tour this fall to talk with teachers, parents and students about the benefits of transcendental meditation in schools.

"I'm convinced there are hundreds or thousands of kids who will see the truth of this and want to take part in one way or another," he said.

Lynch said he has been "diving within" for 32 years and meditates twice a day. He said transcendental meditation can help children fend off illnesses, including high blood pressure, diabetes and depression.

Transcendental meditation also helps students overcome stress, and helps them to think more clearly and perform better in the classroom by using their entire brain, rather than just a portion of it, Lynch contends.
I suppose smoking isn't on his list, and damn it, we have loads of money for that sort of crap.

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