Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A sad day on beautiful shores

The sun shines on biloxi

The air is filled with vapors from the sea

The boy will dig a pool beside the ocean

He sees creatures from his dreams underwater

And the sun will set from off towards new orleans

Everyone has seen the pictures and the videos from Katrina. It's devastating. To compare, this hurricane was like a 100-mile wide tornado filled with water and taking out everything in its immediate path. And for the families caught in Katrina's path, nobody from the town over is coming to help with clean up. The help that is coming is from out of state, particularly states that Katrina missed. That means us.

We don't intend to use this web page to promote a particular cause or politician or whatever, but in this case, We're gladly shillin' for the Red Cross. They need financial support so they can go about their work helping families and communities in the aftermath of Katrina. There are other reputable charities -- meaning they spend a large portion of their revenue on direct services instead of salaries & paper clips -- noted in today's DMR. Please consider donating to one or more of these relief efforts.

Just a follow up to the blog links listed in earlier posts. Big Jim will have an incredible story; it's already playing out in the comment string. Jim and his family ended up in the attic of their home to escape Katrina’s flooding storm surge, they are safe and staying with friends and family. Pitch & Green is updating his blog today with information for families with missing relatives and general comments on the state of NOLA, and when you read it, you can hear the heartbreak. The NOLA Blog Pros have been writing all along and their posts get sadder and sadder with each update. Unapologetic is also posting his thoughts on Katrina. And we have a new blog from Max in Slidell, no posts on Katrina as of yet, but one to watch.

It seems a little voyeuristic to check out these blogs from people so far away and so immediately affected by such a tragic hurricane. However, it is part of the purpose of blogging. To make the world much smaller so that it becomes difficult not to care about our neighbors a thousand miles away.

(I know, sappy. We'll get back to the cynical ways of this blog world in later posts.)

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