Monday, August 08, 2005

Lists for the tipped blog; upside & downside

Okay, way too much of a love fest going on over at State 29 and we're a little worried. Could it be that State 29 has tipped? You guys know this stuff; the funky economic theory on changes in equilibrium first put out by Schelling and later lite'nd by Malcolm Gladwell for The Tipping Point. It could be that enough people are reading State 29 to make State's point of view part of the information currency filtering through to Iowa's mainstream press. Very cool.

This requires a list or two...


1) Humor and Iowa politics start to converge; personality transplants become popular at the Statehouse.

2) We now troll for letters to the editor for a little inspired smirking.

3) Policy ideas and Iowa-centric current events get at least one more voice on the dog pile.

4) Breaking stories: the Iowa apple crisis, increased smokes sales at the Iowa/Minnesota line and anything remotely Iowa blog related.

5) The creative use of adult sanctioned foul language.


1) The PR flacks have figured out that Iowans produce blogs that end up in google lists.

2) Flacks don't take bloggers out on their big, fat expense accounts...yet.

3) Spinmeisters know how to use email, and are passionate about their opinion, hmm.

4) Dorky ass fights with the mainstream media - hello, you media types have circulation, pay checks and institutional support, get over it.

5) Cable companies that insist their lines are not suffering capacity problems.

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