Tuesday, August 23, 2005

King's road show round-up

Congressman Steve King (IA 5) -- the red side of Iowa -- put together a travelin' show on the social and political problems associated with illegal immigration. It was a big dog & pony event designed to rouse some grassroots support for immigration reform.

However, the immigration issue cuts deep into both parties' core constituencies. The Democrats consider illegal immigrants to be a potential voting bloc, once they figure out how to make 'em legal. And the GOP wingtips love the labor costs associated with skirting immigration law. It's tricky politics on both sides.

In the short term, it's interesting to follow the press coverage and the headlines say it all ... and then some.

Des Moines Register -- King: Fence off Mexican border

What the DMR desperately wants to say ... King: an idiot white guy that somehow got elected to Congress and we're going to make damn sure he doesn't oust our favorite idiot white guy, Tom Harkin, in the 2008 Senate race.

Council Bluffs The Daily Nonpariel -- Lawmakers shine light on immigration reform

What the Nonpareil guys are thinking ... Hey, these are big shots, I think, and if we play nice they might stamp our ticket out of CB.

The Quad City Times -- Iowa congressman encourages public to push presidential candidates on illegal immigration

The QC Times means to say ... We know you have no @#$% idea who Steve King is and we know you don't care, but it's the only damn story our DM bureau sent us today.

The Sioux City Journal -- King argues need to secure country's borders

And the folks in SC really want to say... Please, Congressman King & friends, come visit our newsroom so we can politely go over today's transcripts for further comment.

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