Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Iowa life

Short takes...

From a Tuesday
story on the economic development efforts going on at the Iowa State Fair...

IDED spokeswoman Tina Hoffman said the $1.7 million Iowa Life Changing ad campaign has brought a positive reaction since it was
unveiled in July 2003.

"What it says is, 'We've got a life here.' There a lots of people who spend their lives in cars driving to and from work hours on end, and that's not what life is about in Iowa," Hoffman said.
Sure, that sells Iowa -- come on in, so few people live here that you can get to your job as a telemarketer in minutes and the lack of traffic really helps when you need to get to your other job to rip off that cheerleader fund.

I just never think of commute times as on the top of the list for quality of life.

On that rainforest in the middle of (fill in the blank) Iowa, the city of Corralville and the rainforest group are making progress on a
long term agreement...

Under the draft agreement, the project would have to maintain the facility as an indoor rain forest, aquarium and educational facility for 21 years,and must always maintain a museum quality tourist attraction in subsequent years, or ownership would revert to the city.
Let me see...if I live in Corallville I already "own" the roads, the schools, municipal buildings, the library, parks....do I really want to "own" a 100 million dollar boondoggle. Don't think so. You can just imagine property values deflating before your eyes as buyers start to cost in the future property taxes needed to sustain this adventure.

And yet another boondoggle -- with a seemingly unending need for state money -- for the unsuspecting property taxpayers to fund. I'm thinking this thing lands on the Jasper County taxpayers' doorsteps by 2009.

DES MOINES, Iowa -- A road that will take racing fans from Interstate 80 to the Iowa Speedway in Newton will be built with the help of a state grant.
The Iowa Transportation Commission has approved a grant of $6.8 million to help grade and pave about 20,000 feet of road. ...

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