Thursday, August 18, 2005

Here I come to save the day...

Been out & busy for a few days so missed commenting on Newt's trip’n through Iowa tour over the weekend. The fair, the pols, the fundraisers – did it all. And in checking out the Register, it seems from late last week to today they spent a lot of column inch talking about this guy. Hmm…got it, a quirky oddball talking his own language is interesting.

That brings to mind another great oddball – Andy Kaufman.

Could it be that we can find some cosmic connection between Andy and Newt? Think about it. Andy and Newt have a lot in common; they’re both nerds to the N to the third degree wack-jobs with a passionate attachment to an alternate reality and use Might Mouse as a literal/metaphorical symbol. Why else would Newt spend time spinning Iowans in a somewhat quixotic bid to be a PW unless it’s to save the day?

Keep workin’ it. Ideas do matter and as nutty as they may sound on a first, second or even 100th time out; they elevate the quality of political debate. So instead of worrying about the Tony Clifton like habits of our candidates we actually focus on ideas. Not to say having three wives and fending off rumors about a slew of other dalliances isn’t a problem -- it is -- but he’s probably here to talk ideas and not audition for the PW family man poster shot.

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