Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Bill Vorhes, " it'll cost ya' "

Okay, how many hours & political capital did Floyd County Pooh-Bahs expend in order to get VeraSun to hold out for the lease to expire? In Iowa's version of economic development -- cash for the merchandise, cash for the ethanol -- it's almost certain that the amount of taxpayer money pledged to the project went up when leaseholder Bill Vorhes balked at the agreement because the VeraSun owners aren't locals.

VeraSun to wait out lease to build ethanol plant

CHARLES CITY, Iowa (AP) -- Officials with a South Dakota company say they will wait out a farmer's lease on county-owned land and move forward with plans to build a new ethanol plant in Floyd County.

"Whether this happens this fall or next spring, Charles City is a great place to do business and a place Vera Sun wants to do business," said Don Endres, chief executive of VeraSun. (link to state news page and click on VeraSun story)

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