Monday, July 25, 2005

Posted: si usted corta su pie vaya a la clínica libre

From Radio Iowa

GOP candidate wants crackdown on illegal alien hiring

by O.Kay Henderson

Bob Vander Plaats, a Republican candidate for governor, says it's time for a state crack-down on businesses that hire illegal immigrants."We need to hold corporations responsible with stiff fines as well as making it public that these are the corporations that are (bringing) illegal immigrants into the state of Iowa," Vander Plaats says. Vander Plaats says illegal immigration is an issue that voters bring up at nearly every stop he makes."The thing about illegal immigration is that first word: illegal," Vander Plaats says. "Corporations...need to be held accountable." Vander Plaats says he's stressing personal responsibility on other issues, and he'll stress the idea that corporations should act responsibly, too. Vander Plaats, a businessman from Sioux City, is running against Congressman Jim Nussle of Manchester for the Republican party's 2006 nomination for governor.

Brave. Very brave Mr. Vander Plaats. The scope and size of Iowa corporations relying on illegal immigrant labor is daunting, particularly in our livestock processing operations. But keep it up. I am certainly tired of hearing stories from friends in health care talking about illegal immigrant laborers sent to their doors as charity care for work related injuries.

California Congressman Elton Gallegly spit out a short -- but dead on -- opinion piece on the illegal immigration problem and the subsequent pressures placed on our health care system.

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