Friday, July 29, 2005

Pesky voters, who happen to be felons

That pesky felon voting issue is not going away quietly.

Yesterday, in an interview with the AP -- and everyone else but the DMR (they're too busy sending their working mom/parent by cell phone, editorial writer, Andie Dominick, on a week long bike ride) -- House Speaker Christopher Rants (sorry, but a really unfortunate political name; the guy gets a little off message suddenly the name is a statement) spiked Executive Order #42 into the legislative session, while in the same interview spilling this noise...

"We better be on our best behavior to show Iowans what we're about," said Rants. "We can't afford to look like we're promoting gridlock, because that's not what Iowans want."

Yeah, sure.

My guess is "best behavior" looks a lot less like the golden rule and is all about the means to achieve some partisan ends.

I expect to see, locked up with the felon enfranchisement issue, property tax reform, regulation of the car loan industry, income tax changes and any other issue floating around in Ways & Means being among the tickets to punch for a quick exit. And it all comes down to whether or not Rants & Company can get Democratic Senators, specifically Joe Bolkcom & Mike Gronstal, to cut some deals, so they can all go home with some good public policy to force feed Iowa voters.

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