Sunday, July 03, 2005

On other bloggers

After waking up way too early this morning, I spent a good part of it checking out blogs, which I think you are supposed to do if you produce one. I have no idea. And, after reading a bunch, I am now much more self conscious - ubber-blogger aside, other writers are offering colorful, acerbic commentary or really intimidating substance in huge quantities. Ouch.

I have also figured out people probably want to know a little more about the person actually writing this stuff. I'm sure readers/skimmers want to make sure you're not some tool (in context, please). Not. I am just currently suffering a significant bout of cynicism.

It's sort of a long story, but the basics: I spent a lot of time doing the heavy lifting for a policy project for nothin', literally, and got @#$% over a couple of times in a relatively short period, say one month, by two different groups of people. And by @#$ over I mean, people using your work to pull down money for their interests and then telling you, basically, to @#$% off. This happens twice in the same month after spending four-plus years on the project.

I'm obviously bitter. And I like it.

So I am turning that bitterness outward, with the specific objective of getting rid of it through the absurd habit of writing into my dorky blog. I am not sure how long it will take. I was cynical once before and it took about four years to get over it. Not to suggest that I am going to subject people to four years of this habit. But who knows?


Hey... don't be intimidated in the slightest. Welcome to the party!

Thank you very much
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