Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Just one of the hundreds

Yesterday State 29 and other folks spun some noise on the Rock In Prevention story from Sunday’s DMR. Hint -- this is just one of thousands of these sorts of little gimmes that our legislators pimp for every year.

I think it is part of the job. Ya know, find some marginal little program that is either located in your district or you have some family or friend attachment to, and work it. It helps the ego; most pols don’t have much influence on the big picture so to steam roll something for someone is akin to snorting one of those scheduled opioids. This is often a second definition under the term ‘political junky’.

This sort of crap happens everywhere somebody as something they can ‘give’ to people. Okay, it’s our @#$% money, but hey, semantics.

The real joke is that a lot of these gimmes are ginned by a small group of people that have spent time, money and God knows what else to get politicians to fork over big chunks of change for their clients. You got it – it is all about the lobbyists.

Not much to say about this group of people, they tend to be clubby and once in the business people stay for life. Why not, if they’re good they make big bucks ala Doug Gross. And even if they’re not, too many of these folks enjoy twisting arms and screwing people over – it makes them feel powerful, or something. (I think psychologists have a particular name for this condition – Antisocial Personality Disorder)

Rock In Prevention is just one little program and there are hundreds more where that came from. If bloggers really want to do something productive we could spend more time outing lobbyists and calculating the amount of money they cost Iowa taxpayers.

And forget pinning a D or an R to this crap, it happens on both sides in fairly equal measure; although, except when running for higher office, Rs are a little better when considering shelling out real money for the gimmes. They do seem to have some small voice reminding them that it is other people’s money.

update - it seems the link to 'outing lobbyists' works when it wants to - this one should work: link and url -- http://www.legis.state.ia.us/Lobbyist.html

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