Thursday, July 07, 2005

Explain this to me

Yesterday, my 11 year old asked me about his odds of being abducted and murdered by a disturbed and evil person. I tried to explain that most of the cases of child abduction and murder happen because the abducted child’s parents allowed people they didn’t really know to hang out in their homes. I reassured him that we avoid that sort of situation.

Then this morning the reports coming out of the Idaho criminal investigation suggest that Duncan, a class III sex offender wanted on an outstanding warrant for additional sex offense charges in another state, selected the the Groene family at random.

How do you begin to explain that to an 11 year old?

I know our Statehouse pols worked very hard to toughen sentences and improve the state’s sex offender registry but it’s not enough. In the Groene case, a class III sex offender roamed from state to state unfettered because law enforcement and the courts can't get information and we don't permanently monitor these creeps in all 50 states.

Fix it. Please.

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