Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Blouin is in

News coverage on the birth of a wannabe...

Des Moines Register, July 6, 2005

Blouin quits one job to run for another

Iowa economic development Director Michael Blouin announced today he was resigning his post to run for the Democratic nomination for governor next year.

But it was clear the 59-year-old former congressman and state legislator planned to make his three years as Gov. Tom Vilsack's chief economic adviser the centerpiece of his campaign.

"I'm extremely proud to have played a role in Iowa's rebirth," Blouin told reporters in Des Moines. …

And we can all just gag on that line for months.

Mike Blouin is making his grand entrance into the Democratic Governor's Pageant. He's giving up his current gig as the dictator of the DED to focus on his campaign, and, given the late start, that means sucking huge amounts of money out of the willing -- and the willing can best be described as those folks on the receiving end of the Blouin 'Iowa Taxpayer Values Fund’ account. (It must comfort the boyz to know this corporate payola fund they said 'yes' to may help bankroll a Democratic wannabe).

Blouin’s got a fabulous gubernatorial resume, but substance does not always substitute for style. And that's a problem.

Actually he has a very serious problem, in fact it is usually terminal for a politician -- he seems to be people blind. People blindness, similar to color blindness, is a condition where you don't see certain people. The people most often invisible to people blind politicians are those without any immediate transactional value to their campaigns; they don't have money or power or anything else.

This condition may prove to be fatal in a Democratic primary churning its way to a convention. Political conventions are filled with grassroots volunteers who are nobodies outside of their political work, but in those county party organizations they're big shots. This is a problem for a seemingly people blind guy like Blouin, for all he knows he may have already pissed off the ten Democratic convention goers who are going to make or break his shot at the nomination.

Oh well. It makes for a good show.

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