Friday, July 29, 2005

Big sharp teeth

I now enter the ranks of Iowans that can report a cougar (mountain lion) sighting.

Yes, at approximately 10:20 p.m. Thursday evening, after coming over a rural highway bridge spanning one of the major rivers in Iowa, I noticed something going into the ditch. At first, I thought it was a deer, same color and all, so I slowed to look at the other side of the road for more deer. None, and when I looked back, the animal
stretched its body out to about six plus feet as it moved down and into the ditch. I slowed to look over and didn't see a deer, but the rear end of something entirely different disappearing into the woods.

Okay, I am completely unnerved. This location is only about eight miles from our house, and, what, with these critters traveling upwards of 100 hundred miles in a night, this big furry animal with fangs and really sharp teeth could be slinking around our house, stalking cats, dogs and children.

I know there are scarier things in the world, the entire executive board of HILL PAC comes to mind, but for immediate fear nothing like spotting a cougar to get ya' a little spooked.

If you live in the country, I would recommend something in a 223 cal - like a Mini-14. For in town, a 12Ga shotgun loaded with 00 Buck or Buck and ball will do nicely.

I love cats. I've had housecats all of my life. A 150 lb housecat that wants to eat me scares the bejeezus out of me. In populated areas they should be shot on sight.
Guns are good. And if we could lock them up, the kids not the guns, we would have more.
Wow, that's amazing and scary. I've been searching for them in Des Moines everytime I go running (I run near plenty of creeks), but thankfully have only run into a handful of deer so far. (I also think the rumors of the big cats in Des Moines are just that, rumors).

I suspect a gun wouldn't help you in an attack. But if you see it slinking around near your home...
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