Monday, June 06, 2005

Want it, need it, got-a-have it...

From the Gazette web....Vilsack signs early childhood initiative

Associated Press - Associated Press

DES MOINES, IA - Gov. Tom Vilsack on Monday signed into a law a $22 million initiative aimed at improving access to early childhood education, less than he had sought from the Legislature but enough to draw his praise as a solid start.

''Literally, today, thousands of Iowa children are having a good day and they don't even know it,'' said Vilsack. ''They are going to have the opportunity to access preschool. They are going to be able to access child care.''


He said he likely would ask the next Legislature for more money.

''This is a very important step,'' said Vilsack. ''It is by no means the end of the journey.''


Vilsack said his goal is to put in place a system which offers quality preschool programs to 90 percent of the state's children.

but most importantly

''These young folks don't have a PAC. they don't have a political organization,'' he said.

Mrs. Vilsack echoed that argument.

''Studies have proven that giving kids a strong start in their early years ensures they are better learners later in life,'' she said.

Yeah, Whatever.

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