Friday, June 17, 2005

two moms can be scary

The Iowa Supreme Court on Friday refused to tamper with a lower court decision granting two women a dissolution of their civil union.
In a unanimous ruling, the court said a conservative group that had sued to overturn the ruling had no standing in the case.
In the case, Kimberly Jean Brown had filed for divorce from Jennifer Sue Perez. Their divorce petition said the two were married in March 2002 in Bolton, Vt., and asked for a divorce.
Judge Jeffrey Neary granted the divorce, later altering the ruling to reflect that it was a termination of the couple's civil union.
The legal arm of the Des Moines-based Iowa Family Policy Center and a handful of state legislators had challenged the decision, saying Neary had overstepped his authority. By dissolving the civil union, they said, Neary was recognizing gay marriage.
The Supreme Court said the group was not harmed by Neary's decision.
''We fail to see how the district court's action in dissolving a civil union of another couple harmed in any specific way these plaintiffs' marriages and for this reason, they have shown no legally recognized interest or personal stake in the underlying action,'' the high court said. ... continued

This is posted in this morning's Gazette On-line. I think I understand why the issue of homosexual legal unions/marriage is such a problematic issue for certain groups -- at it's core it's about sex, while traditional heterosexual marriage is often less about sex and more about the economics of family.

That is probably a little cynical, but groups toss so much money at defending traditional marriage while so many other human needs that are often well served by faith based involvement go unmet.

For example, in an earlier news report, researchers made the interesting discovery that obesity rates are highest for women in families with more than four people, low levels of education and limited support systems. These women eat because they're stressed out! An interesting and inspired faith based program might be to link families together to help with nutrition and exercise education as well as provide more social support to these weakly tied families.

Hey it's a thought. Unfortunately, as long as resources are husband to fight off the threat of unions with two moms there isn't the energy or capital to take on the other work that needs to be done.

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