Monday, June 20, 2005

Semi-public world

Blogs are I's instead of we's, and are more or less about spreading random ideas and making memes to spur forms of organized chaos.
This is just a throw away phrase I sent to someone earlier this year who was tweaking a static web page. The 'we' tweaked the web page and it is better, but of course if the head of the 'we' actually wrote the text it might be even better...

The point of this is to acknowledge ubber blogger, State 29 and his/her (not to imply gender confusion, just don't want to make assumptions) surprising and generous note and link to this blog. I'm not quite sure how State 29 found me, but I'll take it.

As noted, I do believe that blogs are about challenging static notions and creating new, good memes that create tension and potential destruction of bad, corrupt, crap-filled systems or institutions. Of course, good -- given the morass instigated in part by the Postmodernists (another reason to hate the French) -- takes on different meanings for different people. Hence, nutty people can think it is okay for a non-profit working almost exclusively with volunteers to give a completely unexceptional executive director access to a brand new car and a 30,000 dollar pay increase, which pushes the salary and benefits into six figure land.

So, I have every intention of stomping on any toes that look like they need a good stomping. And, as blogging is a semi-public form of vanity, I really don't care if you disagree.

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