Monday, June 06, 2005

Perfect Storm in Iowa

Governor's race shaping up as the perfect storm of politics

Mike Glover - Associated Press

DES MOINES, IA - Next year's governor's race is shaping up as the perfect storm of politics, a wide-open gubernatorial battle conducted against the backdrop of an emerging presidential campaign that's equally open

Sigh, as I recall in the movie & Sebastian Junger book, from which the perfect storm metaphor is pulled, most of the people caught on the ocean in that horrific Nor'easter died, while their families could do nothing but listen to the weather and pray. And from the literary images and movie recreations it looked like a particularly gruesome sort of death -- tossed around by mean old waves and wind, finally to be capsized by a 100 foot swell.

Oh, that sounds fun

If you want to expand upon the use of 'perfect storm' as a metaphor in politics there are some vantage points to consider. It's probably great fun being in the midst of the storm when most of the time you're flying over the rough water or in some political version of a weather lab. But how about those political long-liners out there riding it out; first, the boredom of no fish, hot days and close quarters and then the intermittent and, from the use of a perfect storm metaphor, rough and tumble few weeks before an election. By the time it ends the political long-liners are close to death and subsequently forgotten, as they aren't part of the weather lab or flyover crew -- they're just the deck-hand grunts.

Who the hell wants to put up with that -- at least the fishermen pulled down good wages for their trouble.

Side note: one of the true life characters from the book/movie, Linda Greenlaw, went back to her roots -- moved home to Maine and took up with her family, setting and pulling lobster traps.

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