Thursday, June 02, 2005

Nussle's in, and DeLay doesn't matter

Nussle's in, and the fight begins -- the announcement parade went all over yesterday and today while the democrats plunked down some change to put an attack ad on the air. These little sound bites are attempting to tie Nussle to Tom DeLay, the Texas pest exterminator cum US House Majority Leader, in a clumsy attempt to pin some DeLay-type ethical crude on the Nussle gubernatorial juggernaut (later on that topic). I say, in good cheer, keep workin' it Gordon and the Iowa Ds, 'cause it has no legs.

Any marginal political mind can tell you the only reason that the Newt-smears worked in the 1990s had to do with political voters (and the elite media's) fear of the unknown. In 1994, when the GOP took back the House and Newt arrived as Speaker, not one person had a clue as to how government might change under GOP control of the House. Well, ten plus year later ain't nothin' much changed; all the creaky government and quasi-government systems unnerved by the potential collapse of their funding streams or policy homes really ended up with nothing to worry about. DeLay is a GOP Rostenkowski -- not such a great dude, but in the land of moral relativism, really no harm.

And so, to try and sully someone's political resume with connections to a politician that voters have already discounted as basically corrupt, but essentially harmless, is a waste of time and money—but keep up the buy, our radio outlets need the economic boost.

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