Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Nussle Land

From a Monday, June 13th AP wire story...

Rep. Jim Nussle appears to be looking past a contested Republican primary and making a case for a general election campaign in a memo which touts his ability to attract independents and Democrats.

The memo to ''interested parties'' is being distributed this week and a copy was obtained Monday by The Associated Press.

''Congressman Nussle has earned votes from Democrats and independents -- winning races in three different congressional districts where there are more Democrats than Republicans,'' the memo reads. ''In 2004, Congressman Nussle ran nine points ahead of President Bush, winning nine counties that were won by John Kerry making it the eighth time Nussle has won a district that has consistently voted for a Democrat for president.''

The memo, prepared Nussle's campaign staff, focuses on their view of his ability to beat whoever the Democrats nominate, virtually brushing off a GOP challenge from Sioux City businessman Bob Vander Plaats.

Earth to the geniuses running the Nussle juggernaut: it doesn't particularly inspire potential Nussle voters when they are referred to in political elite’s memos using widget-style rhetoric. Yes, he wins big in a Catholic-swing district. Yes, he can raise money. And, yes, he gives good stump...speeches. But, clue -- this isn’t going to be easy, nor particularly pretty.

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