Tuesday, May 31, 2005

We wannabe...free of our wannabe

It certainly has been a long time coming, but, finally, front page above the fold, Vilsack admits to the conspicuousness of his legacy. All policy, all the time, spewed—no projectile vomited—for the Iowa contingent of the Jesusland masses to consume.

We couldn't do with out the massive and overwrought teacher pay policy extravaganza of the early Vilsack years; cha-ching for the Milken money. That early win emboldened the policy wonk, activist agenda just itching to bust out of the country lawyer from Mt Pleasant. Moving on, Vilsack, in a claw-back -free push to the bottom, was inspired to dream up the Iowa Values it-really-looks-like-corporate-payola Fund, which, essentially, bankrolls any neat idea that gets painted up enough for potential gubernatorial candidate Blouin to bat his eyes at. And then, this year's policy genius: the repackaging and increased funding for existing early childhood programs; cha-ching for the Rob Reiner Palm files. I guess our gov has a thing for those Southern California think (money) tanks.

It makes sense that Vilsack is sending out this legacy talk; take credit before it starts to tear at the edges. And, soon enough, this paper tiger of a legacy will burn, because no one, not a soul, wants to pay for any of this good government policy making. Realistically we can’t afford it—our tax capacity (that is the ability to take a reasonable (gulp) portion of the private sector money out of the economy to fund government programs) is rather thin. Even if we tax people at the highest rate tolerable, we still can’t make up the difference in taxable income between our growing population of temp and service workers at $11.50 an hour and the handful of leftover Maytag lifers at $20.00 plus an hour.

The Vilsack policy legacy shines up nice for the bi-coastal money types, which is good, because after everyone calculates the cha-ching to the average Iowans’ tax burden, he’ll need his out of state friends.

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